My E-portofolio

My e-portafolio

                                               I  am an English Teacher graduated from Instituto Pedagógico   de Caracas  (IPC) . Currently,I am taking a Master Course in Teaching  English as Foreign Language at the same place. I work at Universidad Marítima del Caribe in Catia La Mar where the sphere of teaching is EOP.  

 I love working there because everyday offers new challenges to grow in different aspects of my life. This has helped me a lot to be a better person and professional who is able to face the dynamics of society.

    Under this conception,  I strongly think that teaching encompasses a wide range of changes worldwide where technology has definitely emerged as central issue. I have a strong passion for teaching through technology since  it builds the foundations for learners to be autonomous and critical thinkers.

     Just to finish, let us remember:

We, Teachers are like sharks, if we stop moving forward, we die.

(Peachey, 2006)

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